Redeemer exists to glorify God through worship as we gather together, through our growth in God's Word and love for our Savior and for others, and through our shared mission to go share the good news of the Christ.


The teaching at our church conforms to the teachings of the Bible.

We believe that God reveals himself to us through his Word, the Holy Bible, and that the changeless Gospel is divinely inspired, free of mistakes, contradictions or error.


We believe in the Triune God. One God, three persons; the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Through the innocent life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, anyone can be saved.


There is nothing we humans can do to earn our own salvation. The Holy Spirit calls us to Christ and to faith through the Word and baptism. He creates and sustains saving faith in Christ, and all who believe in him will not perish but have eternal life.


Join us: Whatever your age or background, wherever you are in life's journey, we invite you to be a part of a Christian community and experience the joy of knowing and serving Jesus and his love for you. There is a place for you at Redeemer. We rejoice when others share our faith in Jesus and join us in ministry and life together.


Rev. James Borgwardt

Rev. Christopher Rathje

David P. Lecker

Beth Rathje

Susan Schmitz

Cindy Thiesfeldt

Holly Schwefel

Stephanie Ehlke

Heidi Borgwardt

Mary Nell


Andy Nygaard

Kevin Ehlke

Steve Wendler

Tom Schwefel

Brian Behnke

Tim Boelk

Cody Schoepke

Glenn Cederholm

Jared Putz


Rachel Jahns

Nancy Albrecht

Stephanie Ehlke

Kevin Jahns

JoAnn Hoff

Annie Nygaard

Susan Buechel

Heidi Borgwardt

Heidi Borgwardt

Beth Stroede



Principal, 7th-8th Teacher                    

5th-6th Teacher             

3rd-4th Teacher                

1st-2nd  Teacher                 

Kindergarten Teacher    

Preschool, Moms & Tots                    

1st-2nd Grade Aide &

   Upper Grades, Part Time   

Music, part-time                  



Vice President                      



School Board Chair             

Elder Chair                      

Trustees Chair                         

Adult Discipleship Chair       

Evangelism Chair                    


Office Manager            


Moms & Tots                      


Sunshine Girls                   

Hot Lunch Director                

Ladies Society

Teens in Ministry     

Outreach Coordinator

Altar Guild                   


Just over 80 years ago, Redeemer began as a daughter congregation of St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, establishing a Lutheran congregation on the west side of Fond du Lac.  The congregation first gathered in the building on the SE corner of Hickory and Forest Ave.  In 1957, our current sanctuary was dedicated at 606 Forest Avenue as our home worship home.  After a lightning strike in July 1988 led to a fire that consumed the sanctuary, the Redeemer family worshiped in Faith’s gymnasium for a year while the sanctuary was rebuilt.

Redeemer began operating a 1st – 8th grade elementary school in 1962.  A Kindergarten was added in 1966.  Preschool was added in 2017.  The growing school led to three building expansions over the years, with the gymnasium and fellowship hall being the last expansion in 1994.  In 2013, many physical improvements were made.  A pitched roof for the school and a new brick facade have given our building its current appearance.

Eight pastors, seven principals, and thirty-four teachers have served thousands of souls at Redeemer over the years.  May our gracious Lord continue to bless the gospel ministry carried out at Redeemer until the Day of Christ's return.