Enrichment classes are part of every student’s schedule. Art, music, and physical education provide a complete educational experience for students. At Redeemer, technology plays an important role in learning. 

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Junior Vikes Football

Junior Vikes Basketball

Junior Vikes Wrestling


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Fine Arts


Junior Choir


Spring Musical

Private music lessons

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Art Fair

Live History Museum

Spelling Bee

Science Fair

Social Studies Fair

The mission of the athletic program is to strengthen the abilities of the student-athlete, as well as develop qualities such as teamwork, dedication, sportsmanship, and humility. Redeemer encourages its students to have a healthy lifestyle through physical education classes and sports programs.

Redeemer has a growing, thriving fine arts program. Designed to create a well-rounded education for all its students, RLS’s fine arts program also seeks to develop the God-given abilities of each individual student through music and art.

Redeemer has numerous that rotate through the school years, giving children opportunity to deepen their knowledge of various topics and interact with adults at special events.

Redeemer prepared me for my time in high school by teaching me to be a leader and a Christian young man.

2016 Redeemer Alumnus