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2017 5th and 6th Grade Track Winners

7th and 8th Grade Track Winners




WALL Volleyball Tournament
Redeemer took 1st Place!
Soccer Photos

Wall B Tournament
     The girls won 3rd Place bracket in the Division I bracket. The boys team took 2nd place in the Division II bracket.
Wall A Tournament
     The girls won 1st Place.
Wall Softball Tournament
     The team took third place!
K-4 Track Meet

2016 Cross Country Contestants at WLA

2016 Cross Country Team at WLA

Redeemer took 2nd Place at the WLA Cross Country Track Meet on Sept. 28, 2016! Congratulations to our school and team! This is the 2nd year in a row for 2nd place.

Redeemer Soccer ended its 2016 season with an 5-5-2 record. They took 3rd Place in the annual WALL (league) tournament.