Fond du Lac's Half-Day Kindergarten

Redeemer Lutheran School is the only Half-day Kindergarten program in Fond du Lac.

Why do we have a half-day program when most others have gone full-day?  Not every family is ready to send their 5 year-old to a full day of school.  Many of our moms enjoy spending the afternoons with their kindergarteners while they're still this age. It serves as a nice transition into full-day First Grade the next year.

But don't think of our Kindergarten as "old-school".  Mrs. Holly Schwefel incorporates SmartBoard technology into her teaching in a way that is perfect for 5 year-olds.  The morning of instruction is nurturing, loving, and interactive, based on the good news of Jesus, and prepares them well for First Grade.  Perhaps the ones who wish it was full-day are the students - Redeemer Kindergarteners love coming to school!

Is an excellent, nurturing, Christian education out of reach financially?  Not at Redeemer.  The annual tuition and fees total only $365.  That's for either Redeemer members or non-members.  The rest of the cost is covered by Redeemer Lutheran Church.  That's how passionate we are about sharing Christian education with the Fond du Lac Community!

Call us at 921-4020 to schedule a time to tour Redeemer Lutheran School and our kindergarten classroom.