Redeemer Lutheran School

Since 1962, Redeemer has operated a Christian Day School for kindergarten through eighth grade. 
  • Smaller class sizes mean individual attention.
  • Sports for girls and boys—including football, softball, volleyball, basketball, track and intramurals — to build physical skills and team building
  • Extra-curricular activities held throughout the year including: art fairs, science fairs, forensics, math meets, band contests, choir, piano lessons and recitals, spelling bees, and more
This education is all based on the precious truth of God’s Word. Everyday, students are taught the truth that Jesus is our only Savior, that we are blessed with the gifts of salvation, and that we are God’s children through faith in him.

Our students have been blessed to have received the following recognitions in recent school years:

  • Our Junior Choir won Fond du Lac’s “Christmas Idol” competition
  • 2nd Place Cross Country (whole school event) in 2017 
  • Girls' Volleyball League Champions (WALL) in 2017
  • Girls' Basketball League Champions (WALL) in 2017
  • 1 State Champions for Handwriting Contest in 2018. 15 State winners in the last 7 years.
  • WLA Forensics Meet—2nd place team in 2017.
  1. Out of 28 competing school choirs.
  2. Redeemer plays in the Winnebago Area Lutheran League (WALL)
  3. Over 325,000 students nationwide entered the Zaner-Bloser competition
Students are encouraged to continue their Christian education at our local high school, Winnebago Lutheran Academy.  Our congregation has been a member of the WLA Association since 1954.