Sanctuary Committee
The Sanctuary Committee has been meeting since January to consider potential changes and improvements to our sanctuary, especially the chancel area.  Their report was shared with the congregation on Sunday, October 15th in advance of the Open Forum on October 22nd at 9:15 am in the sanctuary.  The Redeemer family is encouraged to read through these documents and to bring any questions to the Open Forum.  
Background Information
The lead article in the October 2017 Newsletter gives the background information and rationale for the work of the Sanctuary Committee.
Survey about Facility
This survey was the result of two weeks of studying the purpose and principles of worship in Adult Bible Class in the Fall of 2016.  In the first week, after studying biblical principles of the church at worship, eight separate break-out groups were instructed to imagine that our facility did not exist.  Then they listed important elements of a congregation's worship facility when trying to serve the community as best as possible.  
The lists from the eight break-out groups were compiled.  The next week, the members were asked to rate these various elements with the following categories:
  • We are doing this well
  • We are doing this, but it could be done better.
  • We are not currently doing this.
  • I don't agree this is vital at this time.
  • I don't think this is wise.
  • I do not know enough to give an opinion.
The results of over 50 surveys were compiled onto this sheet.  Not all of the informtion on the survey applies to the work of the sanctuary committee, but the committee considered the information that were applicable.
Sanctuary Committee Report
The Committee shared this report with the congregation on October 15, 2017.  
Trustees Message
This is the message from our Board of Trustees regarding the Sanctuary discussion.  These elected men are entrusted with overseeing the property and finances of Redeemer's ministry, and are interested in hearing members' thoughts about a potential remodeling of our sanctuary.