Sanctuary Committee

The Sanctuary Committee was formed by the Church Council in January, 2017 to carry out initial research for potential changes and improvements to our sanctuary, especially the chancel area.  Their initial report was shared with the congregation on Sunday, October 15th in advance of the Open Forum on October 22nd. 

After listening to questions and concerns that were brought up at the Forum, and also gathered in a written survey that followed it a month later, the Board of Trustees directed the Committee to expand its membership and research items brought up by the congregation.

The Sanctuary Committee, with guidance from the Trustees,  is preparing three documents for the congregation to read prior to this second round of Open Forums.   The three documents cover the three purposes for the potential renovation project: 
  1. Needed Maintenance for a space that is 30 years old;
  2. Improvements to the Functions of Worship; and 
  3. Improvements to the Beauty of the Worship Space
The congregation is encouraged to read through these documents to be prepared for discussion at the Open Forums.  
Council Recommendations to Congregation
After listening to the Congregation at our Open Forums, and receiving the research of the Sanctuary Committee through the Board of Trustees, the Church Council will bring these two recommendations to the Voters' Assembly on Sunday, March 25th at 11:45 AM.
Article #1 - February 18, 2018
More Than a Makeover - This article focuses on the maintenance needs of our sanctuary space.  Just like maintaining the houses we live in, we want to maintain the space we call God's House.
Article #2 - February 25, 2018
Much More than a Makeover - This article addresses the important functions of worship, such as safely gathering for communion, highlighting the importance of baptism, and improving the acoustics for singing without losing the quality of spoken word.
Article #3 - February 28, 2018
Making an Impact - This final article addresses the beauty of the worship space.  Since some maintenance needs to be done regardless, and the function of the worship space can be improved as well, it's a good time to consider how we might improve the aesthetics of our sanctuary.  We want our sanctuary to look like a church inside and out, and to make a visual impact for members and visitors alike.
The Worship Space - from Christian Worship Manual
This chapter from Christian Worship Manual is terrific background reading for growing in appreciation of how the worship space affects how Christians have worshiped through the centuries.  Lord-willing, it will help to make worship even more meaningful.  Reading it will also help prepare for our church family's discussion of our own worship space.
Background Information
The lead article in the October 2017 Newsletter gives the background information and rationale for the work of the Sanctuary Committee.
Sanctuary Committee Initial Report - October 2017
The Committee shared this report with the congregation on October 15, 2017.