Starting Point - Basic Bible Course
What is “Starting Point?”  It’s a class that offers an overview of what the Bible teaches.  This course serves as a membership class and also as a great review. The Bible itself is the textbook and we’ll provide you with a study guide. By the end of the class, you’ll have a good grasp of the main message of Scripture: that God loved you enough to save you! You’ll also have the ability to read (and understand!) the Bible on your own.   (We used to call this course Bible 101 and Bible 201.)

The follow-up to these classes is called "Next Steps" (formerly called Bible 301).  We dive into further application of what the "Starting Point" classes explained, seeing how the Bible looks in our everyday life.  This class is six weeks in length. 

Register below, or call Pastor Borgwardt at 204-4015 if you would like to attend either of these classes.

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